Ogou Shikaiin (Dental Clinic)

This dental clinic has been serving the people of Nakasu Kawabata for over 80 years. Non-Japanese patients are increasing in number in recent years!

This long-established dental clinic was founded in 1934 here in Nakasu Kawabata. A sudden toothache when traveling can make anyone quite anxious, but this clinic is an expert that even non-Japanese patients come seeking! Don’t hesitate to visit if you are concerned about your dental condition. It is highly recommended to call and make an appointment in advance. If the treatment is not covered by your medical insurance, payments with credit cards is accepted.

  • Closed:Thursday and Sunday, National Holidays, Closed on Saturday afternoons
  • Open:9:00〜13:00
  • Tel:092-291-5429
  • Credit Card:Visa,Master
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