Warabi Kawabata

The entire building is dedicated to Japanese apparel! You can also find many items unique to Fukuoka.

An array of cute Japanese items can be found here! Seeking to help people enjoy something Japanese in their daily lives, this establishment sells traditional crafts of Fukuoka, such as items made from Hakata-ori and Kurume-kasuri weave textiles. The 1st floor sells Japanese goods and provides kimono maintenance services, the 2nd floor sells cotton kimonos, and the 3rd floor provides kimono dressing classes. The entire building is a one-stop shop for Japanese traditional apparel!

  • Closed:Wednesday
  • Open:11:00-19:30
  • Tel:092-261-2027
  • Website:http://walavie.com/
  • Credit Card:Visa,Master,Diners
  • E-Money:American Express,Travel Card,Others
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