wa lavie & le lien 川端店

Enjoy not only of the Japanese goods unique to Fukuoka, but also of the building itself!

Cute Japanese accessories are sold in this shop. You can find products made in Japan, traditional crafts from Fukuoka like Hakata woven cloth and Kurume cotton cloth accesories. On the First floor we have miscellaneous goods and some Japanese traditional garments, on the second floor you can find cotton kimono, and the third floor has a room where you can experience to wear Japanese kimono.

  • Closed:Wednesday
  • Open:10:30〜19:30
  • Tel:092-261-2027
  • Website:https://walavie.lelien.com/
  • Credit Card:Visa、Master、Diners、
  • E-Money:JCB,American,Allpay,LINEPay,ICOCA,nimoca,Transportation IC card
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