Requests to International Travelers

There are rules of etiquette that must be followed in Japan as well as within the Arcade. Please keep in mind the following as you enjoy your trip :

Many shops and restaurants in the Arcade sell takeout as well as food that can be eaten on the go. However, please do not take such purchases into other establishments or eat them as you shop.
In Japan, all products that are displayed on the shelves are actual merchandise, not samples. Please do not open anything without permission or handle them roughly.
Most establishments do not have independent toilets for customers. Please use the public toilets listed on the Arcade Map.
Some establishments prohibit photography without permission. If you wish to take photos, make sure you get permission from the store beforehand.
divThere is no unified tax-free counter in the Arcade. Please confirm each establishment regarding their tax-free policies. You can find information on the website as well.

The free Fukuoka City Wi-Fi service is available within the Arcade.
Please select the SSID “Fukuoka_City_Wi-Fi.”
Access the Kawabata Shopping Arcade website from here.