Hakata Unmori

Extra delicious and extra joyful! A new type of auspicious confectionery made here in Hakata.

The concept of this store is unmori, which is an age-old belief that eating vegetables that contains the “n” sound in its name (in Japanese) will bring good luck (un means luck and mori means abundant). Undora is a fun dorayaki (pancake buns filled with sweet azuki bean paste) that comes in 8 kinds of sweet vegetable pastes that you can choose from. Funoyoka Rusk is made from fu (wheat gluten) and got its name from the identical expression in the Hakata dialect that means “lucky.” Unmori Yokan (sweet bean jelly) and many other auspicious confections make perfect souvenirs and snacks.

  • Closed:Sunday and National Holidays
  • Open:10:00-19:00
  • Tel:092-282-0017
  • Website:http://www.unmori.jp
  • Credit Card:Visa,Master
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